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in 50 Pfd. Wasser einweichen, diesem Gemenge nach öfterem Umrühren 20 Pfd. Wasser und ein Pfd. Schwefelsäure zusezen, und damit die Pflanzen alle andere Tage 6 Tage hindurch begießen. – Gegen die Erdflöhe wird empfohlen, einige Rettigpflanzen unter die Kohlpflanzen zu sezen, indem sich dieses Ungeziefer dann auf erstere wirft und leztere verschont. – Gegen die Engerlinge soll man Schweine auf die umgebrochenen Felder lassen. – Gegen die Feldschneken soll man junge, 3 Wochen alte Enten (aber nicht ältere) ausschiken; oder man soll an die leeren Stellen zwischen die Pflanzen Steinplatten, Bretter u. drgl. auf den Boden legen, wo man dann des Morgens Tausende darunter verkrochen finden wird, um sich bis zur Nacht verborgen zu halten.



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  • Artisans and Machinery: the moral and physical Condition of the Manufacturing Population considered with reference to Mechanical Substitutes for Human Labour. By P. Gaskell Esq. Surgeon. 8. London 1836. By John W. Parker.
  • The Doctrine of Proportion or Geometrical Admeasurement by Similar Triangles, practically applied to Expanding or Diminishing Drawings. 8. London 1836. By Ackermann.
  • Original Geometrical Illustrations on the Book of Lines, Squares Circles, Triangles, Polygons etc. By John Bennett. 8. London 1836.
  • The Theory of the Equilibrium and Motion of Fluids. By Thomas Webster. M. A. of Trinity Collége. 8. Cambridge 1836. By J. Deighton.
  • The Engineers and Mechanics Encyclopaedia, comprehending Practical Illustrations of the Machinery and Processes employed in every description of Manufacture of the British Empire. By Luke Hebert Civ. Eng. 8. London 1835. P. I. By Th. Kelly.
  • On the Construction of Coaches. By Sir Henry Parnell Bart. Folio 1835. Printed for gratuitous Circulation.
  • On the Theory and Solution of Algebraical Equations. By J. R. Young. Profess. of Mathematics. 12. London 1835 by Sonter.
  • Principles of the Differential and Integral Calculs, familiarly illustrated and applied to a variety of useful purposes; designed for the instruction of youth. By the Rev. W. Ritchie L. L. D. F. R. S. Prof. etc. 12. London 1835 by Taylor.
  • Means of comparing the respective advantages of different lines of Railways; and on the use of Locomotive Engines. Translated from the French of Mr. Navier by John Macneill C. E. 12. London 1835 by Roake et Varty.
  • A Treatise on the principal Mathematical Instruments employed in Surveying, Levelling, and Astronomy: explaining their Construction, Adjustments and Use with Appendix and Tables. By F. W. Simms. 2d. edit., improved and enlarged. 8. London 1836. By Weale.
  • Perspective rectitied or the Principles and Application demonstrated. With a new method of producing correct Perspective Drawings without the Use of Vanishing Points. By Arthur Parsey, Prof. of Miniature Painting and Perspective. 4. London 1836 with 16 plates. By Longman et Comp.