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  • A Supplement to a Practical Treatise on the Law of Patents for Inventions, with Suggestions for many alterations in that Law, and an abstract of the Laws in force in America, Spain, Austria, Netherlands and France, by Richard Godson MP., Barrister at Law, of the Temple, London, 1832.
  • The french Law and Practice of Patents for Invention, by Anthony Perpigna A. M. L. B. Barrister at the Court Royal of Paris. 1832.
  • The Law of Patents for Inventions familiarly explained for the use of Inventors or Patentees. By W. Carpmael. London, 1833; by Wightman.
  • The mercantile Navy improved; or a Plan for the greater Safety of Lives and Property in Steam Vessels, Packets, Smacks, and Yachts, with explanatory drawings. By James Ballingall, Manager of the Kirkaldy and London Shipping Company and Surveyor of Shipping for the Port of Kirkaldy. London 1832, by Morrison. (Sehr gut.)
  • Journal of Elemental Locomotion. Edited by Alex. Gordon Esq., Civil-Engineer. (4 Nummern sind bereits davon erschienen.)
  • Producing Man's Companion; an Essay on the present state of Society in England, Moral, Political and Physical. By Junius Redivivus. Second edition, with additions. Effingham Wilson, 1832.
  • Tables relative to Land Measurement. By W. S. Hall, Warrington. London 1832, by Whittacker and Comp.
  • Treatise on Heat. By the Rev. Dionysius Lardner, LL. D. F. R S. 8°. London 1832, by Longman and Comp. (Der 39ste Band der Cabinet-Cyclopaedia.)
  • A popular sketch of Electro-Magnetism or Electro-Dynamics, with Outlines of Electricity and Magnetism, by Francis Watkins, Curator of Philos. Appartus in the University of London. 8°. London, 1832.
  • A Treatise on Chemistry, by Michael Donovan, M. R. J. A. 8°. London 1832, by Longman and Comp. (Der 34ste Band der Cabinet-Cyclopaedia.)
  • Carding and Spinner's Masters Assistant, or the Theory and Practice of Spinning. 8°. London.
  • Guide to the Carpenter's Rule. By Benjamin Bevan, Civil-Engineer. 8°. London.
  • On the preparation of Printing Ink. By Savage. 8°. London.
  • Arcana of Science and Art or an Annual Register of Useful Inventions and Improvements, Discoveries and New Facts, in Mechanics, Chemistry, Natural History, and Social Economy; abridged from the Transactions of Public Societies, and from the Scientific Journals, British and Foreign of the past Year. With 43 Engravings. 12°. London 1833. 312 S.
  • A Treatise on Fortification deduced from established Principles, with Observations on the increased effect of Artillery. Compiled by Hector Straith, Captain H. P., Assistant in the Fortification Department etc. 8°. Annan, Croydow. With an Atlas.
  • Tables for planting and valuing Underwood and Woodland etc. By R. Horton. 12°. London 1833, by Longman et Comp.